Our retail store will be closed today Wed 20th March. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Our retail store will be closed today Wed 20th March. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Tony Shields - My Passion for Stamps and Coins

Michael Shields

I am Tony Shields, a full-time Australian stamp and coin dealer, and have operated my own shop since 1979, after setting up a mail order business in 1976.

I began collecting stamps at the age of 5, when living on a farm in the Australian bush. My Aunt worked at the United Nations in Paris and Rome and used interesting stamps on her letters, which excited me as a young boy. My grandmother also collected and gave me lots of her spares.

Then it was time to search Dad's writing desk and hey presto, the jackpot. It was a stamp from World War 2, which seemed so remote, so exciting and so old when seen through the eyes of a youngster. Monetarily the stamp is still worthless today but it was my treasure at the time and the spark that made me an avid collector.

Since then my life has revolved around stamps. It has enabled me to have a most successful and enjoyable business, travelling to the ends of the earth, and meeting the most fascinating people. I have done business on all seven continents- yes even Antarctica which is one of my passions. I have a big collection of early Antarctic postcards, medals, books and letters. The early explorers enthusiasm to add to human knowledge and step on Virgin Territory enthralls me. Their bravery and feats of endurance in the most hostile part of the world, leave me in awe.


There is a similar excitement to holding a small piece of metal stamped with the head of Julius Caesar and wondering what stories that coin could tell of its journey from being struck over 2000 years ago through until the moment when it is in the palm of our hand. The stories we know about the items in our collections, and those we don't know are what drive collectors.

Everyday I continue to get great joy from handling pieces of history, being their temporary custodian, and then selling them onto other people to love and research.

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